The Manufacturing Maintenance Technician will be responsible for preserving the good condition and functionality of premises. The Manufacturing Maintenance Technician’s goal is to maintain machinery’s best possible condition and performance. The Manufacturing Maintenance Technician must have the ability to work autonomously and responsibly by overserving all health and safety guidelines.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Carefully read manuals of equipment and interpret them to understand how to operate and maintain them properly
  • Inspect newly acquired equipment upon arrival, checking every part to be sure that they are working and meet up with industry standards before they are put to use in the factory
  • Read work orders to confirm the production task is within the capacity of the factory’s equipment in order to abide by manufacturers’ guidelines; make provision for alternate equipment to handle big production tasks to prevent wearing out
  • Strictly abide by safety regulations during manufacturing activities, keeping equipment in check to avoid mechanical hazards that could cause harm to operators and workers
  • Makes recommendations for the purchase of new equipment, utilizing the knowledge of machine operation in choosing good quality machines for purchase; test machines to determine their durability; return low performing machines in exchange for better ones whenever necessary
  • Carry out routine servicing of equipment as part of measures to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions, which could thwart production activities
  • Keep record of maintenance activities to track the lifespan of equipment. When equipment breakdown continues too frequently after repeated fixing, it will need to be replaced
  • Troubleshoot equipment to determine specific malfunctioning issues and tackle them accordingly
  • Communicate with management to inform them about equipment faults and best maintenance techniques to implement for maximum performance

Qualifications & Education

  • This position is located in Baytown, Texas
  • 3 to 5 years’ experience of relevant maintenance experience
  • Minimum High School Diploma or GED; some college preferred
  • Ability to read and write in English required
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) required
  • Diesel mechanic experience required
  • Experience operating a forklift
  • Knowledge of mechanical maintenance process
  • Critical thinking ability to troubleshoot and detect malfunctioning
  • Possess the discipline to execute tasks without procrastination
  • Good time management to work at a good pace, executing word orders and demands
  • Ability to handle basic tools
  • Knowledge of safety precaution
  • Must be able to:

To work at least an 8‐hour rotating shift and up to a 12‐hour rotating shift, which includes some weekends and holidays
To work overtime
To work in enclosed spaces
To work near large, hot, high‐speed machines
To climb up to 100 feet in height
To lift a minimum of 50 pounds
To work around chemicals, including acids and bases
To wear fire retardant clothing and personal protective equipment (such as steel‐toe shoes, ear and eye protection)
To maintain your face daily so that a respirator/face mask can seal properly (some examples include being free of facial hair and/or clean shaven)
To operate a 20-30 lb fire extinguisher
To work outside in harsh weather conditions
To work with petroleum products that are under high pressure and heat

Physical & Mental Requirements

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand, walk and use hands to finger, handle, or feel and reach with hands and arms. The employee frequently is required to walk, stoop, kneel, climbing, carry, pushing/pulling and use repetitive wrist and hand movements. The employee may be required to lift and/or move objects of up to 50 pounds. Hearing, seeing ability of rapid mental coordination. It is required to be mentally alert for entire regular shift.

This position may work in various locations within the U.S. Some locations may be subject to extreme temperatures, working in high places, etc. Potential for exposure to temperature changes, wetness, confined spaces, fumes/odors, working with ladder/scaffolds, working with pressurized equipment, high places, hazardous materials, and working alone. HMT will supply adequate training and equipment to meet the functions of the job.